Why you should reach out to your friends

This time of year we feel winter. We go insular, we stop reaching out.

We make massive plans for the year ahead and feel stilted, unsure how the hell we will get there.

Do you know WHY you should talk to other people when you feel alone?

I’ve learnt over the years to open up and not go quiet when I need people.

I took this photo of Olaf and it just struck me so much. It shows exactly why we should ask people we trust for their input and support.

Let me ask you this:

Do you feel isolated and like you are just stuck on a path?

Trust me when I say that perspective means so much.

When you feel low you won’t see it but I PROMISE someone sees your progress.

You may feel alone, you may feel like you’re just going ahead blindly, just following a path.

But other people will see you differently. They’ll see the beauty of the path you’re on. They see the surroundings you have.

You can’t see yourself from this perspective (unless you practice some form of out of body work, meditations or dreams to do so). But other people? Well, they’ll notice the light, the way it shines above you.

They’ll look at you on your path with the future ahead of you and see you as part of a whole picture.

They’ll see the perfection, all that you are and how you fit perfectly into what you’re doing and where you are.

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