I believe that too many women (and men for that matter) tell themselves they’re not good enough, beautiful enough, lovable enough… indeed ‘ANYTHING ENOUGH’ and it’s causing one of the greatest mental health crises’ in history, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Having supported thousands of clients over 20 years to find, feel and show their inner confidence (and that THING which makes them unique), I am committed to building the world’s most heart centered movement that’s guiding millions of women to embrace their Inner Warrior Goddess so they can come back to love for themselves. I’m starting to also work with men too, who are finding this modern world we live in a real challenge and they need the help too.

I deliver my services through a range of beautifully crafted self-care and self-development journals (which have channelled messages, my own inspirational artwork and exercises for you to work through), oracle cards which are coming soon, bespoke artwork to use in your own branding, online subscription based self-care courses with awesome like minded people, and one to one in-depth confidence coaching programmes.

My most successful clients invest £3250 to go through my full programme, and you can get started from as little as £6 per week for my Aberlour based Mediation, my BackToLove Goddess Group where we join every Thursday evening and work through my guided self-care journals it’s just £6 a week or £24 a month. This group is pretty full now, and I will be opening up other evenings to fulfil the demand.

If you prefer to read and work through the journals on your own, you can get those here from £22, and if you’re on my mailing list you get special offers throughout the year for discounts on everything I do. I want you to kickstart the process of accepting, trusting and loving yourself because I’ve seen how much it helps people.

Now is the time to get Back To Love for YOU and move from WORRIER to WARRIOR. Want to see what other people think? Check out my Testimonials page.

MY DESIGN SERVICES TOO I have always been creative and loved design and painting but it wasn’t until I became the BackToLove Goddess Guide that I realised how to help other people achieve their dreams through my skills and now I help other amazing spiritual beings bring their visions to life too. I’ve designed and illustrated their journals – like this Wise Womban Wisdom one, manuals for sound therapy, social media posts, fliers, and spiritual development books… You see, there is this drive in me to support other people to thrive. I feel great because I learn as I work, and I get to indulge my creativity and love this work as it fuels my soul. I get to paint and design as well as use my intuition. For example, every image in this Essential Oils Workbook encapsulates the energies of the essential oils and I’ve loved painting them all. I’ve loved watching this project come to life and it’s because I thrive on seeing (and helping) someone’s vision become a reality, and I love watching their passion and excitement as I help.