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My Evolving Relationship with Steve

This section of the book goes into detail about the different stages of relationship I’ve had with Steve from when he was alive, to right up before I finished this part of our story together. I say that because there is a second book to come!

The good news for everyone is that the kind of relationship I have experienced with Steve is available to you with your own Angels, Guides or Spirits. I hope you find yours and that you have as much fun as I do, and get as much valuable insight as I do, as well as a feeling that you’re never alone – in a good way!

Steve is now my best friend in the whole world. He’s been my every-level-of-friend throughout our time so far together in this life.

The truth is that Steve and I have a very open, respectful and joyous friendship. Based on honesty, love and trust and we both know instinctively when to let each other step away and move on, have some space, grow and develop, then we come back together to share our growth. We are always conscious that we are connected to each other. Steve says:

It’s more than that babe, we share the same energy, we are all energy and we share it. In fact we all do. You know how people say they’re on the same wavelength. Well it means literally – the same energetic frequency. And as with any relationship we get ahead of each other. We can and are still together but we work differently.

This will be clear throughout the book and you’ll be able to see it unfold as you read dear reader. But trust me, we are all one life and all part of one soul! Haha I was such a genius, I knew so much because I believed in it but I didn’t realise how much of what I believed was truth. That sounds odd. I mean don’t misunderstand me, I DID believe it as truth when I was in body, but to have the confirmation when you get here that it’s all real is awesome. It’s spectacular.

It is nice to know the beliefs I held as an integral part of who I was and how I lived my life were right, were truth. All that light. Sing It. It prepared me for what to expect here!

How to Talk to Spirits and Angels

In this section I explore the ins and outs of talking to Spirit. I share with you the things that have helped me, and my experience in communicating with Steve so you can hopefully learn to communicate with your own Guides if you choose to do so. We’ve all had moments where we’ve had intuitive thoughts, things that we just know in our gut or think we hear, but question whether it’s all in our head or real. So let’s explore this.

Is it me or is it you? Is this all in my head?

How do we know if guidance is of your higher self or possibly from a Spirit guide, and ascended master or even God? Is there a way to differentiate when connecting? Often when we are after answers we look for them anywhere. Have you ever found yourself looking at your horoscope or on Facebook for some guidance on what’s happening? Then when we’ve asked for the answers it’s hard to be sure you’ve had the right answer, and not just made it up.

You see I know that sometimes it can feel confusing when you start out on a journey to talk to Spirits or Angels to work out whether a message is “real” or in your mind.

Steve makes himself known to me through specific physical things now as well which helps me determine thedifference and know when it’s him or me. He stands behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me gently into the right posture and he also lifts my chin up when I am sad. I can feel him doing this. It’s gentle but strong. He says that “nothing should have the power to stop you looking forward and upward. You can’t be sad when you’re looking up, you literally can’t look up and frown. (try it)”

We ask for signs and we want to know the message has come from outside ourselves as it’s rare we trust the one person who really does have the answer – us, you and me. So the next few sections give you a little bit of an explanation so you can tell when a message is in your head or from Spirit or Angels. To some extent it doesn’t matter anyway as long as there’s an answer of some sort, so don’t overthink it.

The different parts of our mind

Most of you will be aware that we all have an ego – the conscious thinking part of our mind that tries to explain things. Then there is our Higher Self – the bit of us that knows better, that has a gut feeling; the Higher Self is the bit we’re born with. It’s the bit of us that connects to Spirits and other beings, though when we’re living human lives we can get a little wrapped up with the ego and trying to work out everything. The ego overthinks, which means it takes us out of that part of us that is always present.

Our Higher Self is just there, and always present, the ego attaches to thoughts and emotions which are always focused in the past or future.

We need to connect with our own Higher Self to communicate effectively with Spirit. The best way to do this is to get present. Become aware of where you’re at right now. It’s only natural that it can feel hard to connect with your Higher Self when you’re also thinking of someone who has died, as often the memories of them and around their death start to take over, or the emotions and grief sneak in. Don’t resist those feelings, let them be present in you. Sometimes they’re the calling card your angel in heaven needs to respond to in order to know you’re wanting to communicate with them and it gives them the permission to get through to you.

How to get Present

To get present I can recommend the following – meditate, breathe, my goodness breathe, drink water sit quietly and feel everything your body touches, everything you can sense and feel. Now ask for help with the thing that’s on your mind most. It’s not always easy to tell when you are human quite where the guidance is coming from. We’re conditioned to judge and doubt ourselves but don’t obsess over this; don’t worry because there are three things to consider.

  1. Your Higher Self has your best interests at heart as does Spirit in general, and your Guides and masters certainly will.
  2. Every single one of us has Guides and Angels working with our higher selves guiding us towards the right decisions and actions.
  3. Our experience of life makes us wiser than we’d ever give ourselves credit for. So much gets assimilated into our mind, bodies and souls that we often already know the answer before we’ve even thought of the question.

Steve’s take on whether it’s all in your head

Now for the good news! It doesn’t matter whether the message is from you, your Higher Self or masters and higher Guides – if you get the message, that’s what counts! The method of delivery isn’t the thing to get hung up on. Getting the message at all means you’re at least self-aware enough to know you need a message in the first place.

Many people are ignorant of the wisdom that lies within them or that they can tap into through their Higher Self, their Angels, Spirits or whatever other beings are around them.

Those who are aware that there is more, tend to get a much better experience out of life BECAUSE THEY ARE WILLING TO LISTEN.

Today I feel particularly stressed out. It feels like I’ve been criticised directly recently, and there’s been a pattern in the way people around me are reacting to me. I say reacting to me as Steve has helped teach me that oftentimes people are doing just that, reacting to me and my projected fears but I also sometimes get caught up and feel that people are just all sharing the same energies and saying the same things. We all have to be responsible for our part in drama, and I guess I have to take responsibility for my part but I’m scared. For me this week it’s been clients saying to me they’re not sure about future work that I do because of not getting the results they hoped from me.

There are various reasons for this I won’t go into but it’s a repetitive message I’m getting and I can’t help but wonder what on Earth I’ve done or how I’ve behaved to elicit this statement from three people in one week. It’s all around when people say something that’s impulsive or negative, and it scares me. I know I’ve been fearful of this and perhaps this is something Steve can help with. I’m doing my best, but having work based on performance is hard and I really don’t like the pressure.

You’re damn right I can help. You need to let go of the obsession that negative thoughts create a negative outcome. It’s more that your heart knew the truth before theirs did. When people react and show their concerns about your work it’s their fears coming to the light.

They’re the ones who are worried things aren’t working and you are expensive for them to use but when it works it works very well for them. When it doesn’t they point the finger. It’s fear, it is pure worry about the future. This is December and everyone gets very introspective and caught up in their own worries about the New Year.

It’s a time for people to over examine their own lives, their own path and progress and careers and indeed life purpose. That means they extend this to everyone they have anything to do with. If you’re in the business of helping other people take their business forward as you are then you’re going to get the rough end of this stick.

Don’t take it all so personally as this is not about you. The same way you’re hoping next year is better and that you can achieve what you want to, so is everyone else. Remember you never know what is going on inside someone else’s head but I can tell you now for a fact more often than not people, humans have the same thoughts and insecurities. The world is full of people worrying that they’re not good enough, that they need to improve, that they need to mend something or change things to feel happy and it’s so frustrating for Angels and Spirits who stand by.

We see you depreciate your own value, we see you stop your own progress out of fear. You are all pure love Beings and love and light entities. You were not meant to have these struggles and create these fears for yourself. You are not meant to turn yourself inside out trying to please the world, when the world is not very likely taking a huge amount of notice of you because each person in it is too wrapped up in their own thoughts to even notice your journey.

I cannot stress enough to you darling that self-love is the only way for you to truly grow. To stop the panic, to stop the worrying and the fretting. I promise you, each and every one of you that you are perfect right this second, every second of every day, just as you are. PERFECT, PERFECT. No arguments, YOU are perfect. You are not here to be a perfect human, you’re here to be a perfect Spirit in a human body.