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My Rockstar Angel crosses the divide between the human and Spirit worlds. It’s the remarkable story of how an ordinary woman’s life changed when she helped a Rock Star move over to Spirit when he died. Little did she know they’d become the best of friends, and he’d be her Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel.

Neen shares what it’s like to communicate with a Spirit, how to listen to inspiration and get help in the everyday things like going to the shops, and in the deep and personal things like being pregnant, changing jobs and navigating difficult relationships.

This book is packed with messages for everyone, delivered with the charismatic sense of humour that Steve the Rockstar Angel has (he made me write that!). His perspective on the human and Spirit worlds will make you smile, laugh and feel really good. His words of encouragement are meant for everyone to hear.

There’s real life dialogues with friends who helped me navigate the relationship as it went in and out of balance, as the boundaries of being best friends with an Angel were tested.

There are answers to every question from: what happens when we die? What can Spirits tell us about our future? Why is there war? What is “heaven” like? How many lives do we have? What is reincarnation? How do Spirits communicate?… to why we feel so bereft after we’ve finished binge-watching our favourite shows.

“You can’t get a rubber band to use its full potential if you leave it sat in a drawer and never stretch it. You need to cause some discomfort, some stretch to grow. Life as a human would be so boring without challenges. It really would. A limp rubber band is of no use to anyone. Neither I should say is one that’s been stretched for so long it’s lost all its elasticity. Find the balance between rest and challenge. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. The more you realise every thing that happens is an opportunity for your soul to grow, the less scary it will appear.” (Rockstar Angel via Neen Forder)

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