From Fear Back To Love Guided Self Care Journal


The From Fear Back To Love Journal is a 7 step process to help you to manage your fears so you can step forward in life with confidence and without fear gripping you anymore.

After years of living in fear, being bullied at work, a slave to debt and terrified of giving birth, Neen went on an intensive healing journey that led her to tune into her Warrior Goddess energy. Within 3 years she had totally turned her life around, quitting the 9-5 rat race to give birth to her first son, enjoying the birthing process she feared most! It wasn’t long before she realised that this Warrior Goddess energy she had tapped into was an infinite and empowering energy that she could use to birth breakthrough results in every area of her life and business.

Since then Neen has worked with hundreds of women, launching her own online programmes, courses and guided self care journals to guide women in overcoming their fears; from speaking out at work, or leaving abusive partners, to reducing anxiety around money, changing jobs or simply trusting that the Universe has got their back.

Neen’s BackToLove from Fear Journal incorporates her own inspirational artwork, with channelled messages and guided exercises to help you conquer your fears and birth your next best step.



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