More Love – Live Weekly Back To Love Journaling for Confidence Group

£48.00 every 4 weeks

A weekly gathering with awesome ladies to give you a sense of connection and to work through all my journals and new work with guided videos by Neen to help you feel supported as you navigate through the exercises.  Well done for committing to bring yourself Back To Love.




An amazing weekly support group

Feel supported and work through your journals with an awesome group.

The sections I’ll cover include:

  • how to take a compliment
  • how to work with your Spirit Guide
  • how to build your soul tribe
  • handling overwhelm
  • how to raise your awareness of your part in relationships
  • releasing guilt
  • shining bright whatever that means to you
  • learning to say no to others and boundary setting
  • how to find out what makes you special so you can take it forward
  • your future
  • mantras
  • managing fear
  • who are you? What do you want and how do you get it?

And much more!

We work through all the content in my journals and more as a group in a loving and supportive environment.

It is all geared around helping you really embrace your inner Warrior Goddess.

The sessions are live, every Thursday 7.30pm to 9pm and recorded and will take you through the self-healing process with love. Expert coaching by Neen is at the heart of this group, to help you step forward with confidence, and all in a supportive group so you’re not doing it alone. Everyone is equal in these groups.

We have a private Facebook group meet on Zoom every week to go through a journal section. All sessions are recorded for you to watch and re-watch at any time.

A heads up you need to commit to 8 weeks (2 months) to work through the journal sections.


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