Embrace Your Inner Unicorn Guided Confidence Journal


Neen Forder, The BackToLove Goddess Guide, is an Intuitive Confidence Coach, Artist, Author and Founder of the Global BackToLove Movement.

After years of struggling with self-esteem issues as a result of being bullied and having to grow up so fast after being blamed for the breakdown of her Mum’s marriage, Neen went on an intensive healing journey that led her to tune into her Unicorn energy – that which makes her different, which we all have in our own unique way!

When she birthed her son (loving every second of the actual labour), it wasn’t long before she realised that this energy she tapped into during the labour was infinite and so empowering that she had to use it in every area of her life and business.

Since then Neen has worked with hundreds of women, launching her own online programmes, courses and guided self care journals to empower women to find confidence, believe in themselves and feel comfortable showing their uniqueness to the world.

Neen’s Embrace Your Inner Unicorn Journal incorporates her own inspirational artwork, channelled supportive messages and guided exercises to give you the tools to build up your confidence in a way that feels authentic to you as you also work on releasing guilt, connecting with your Inner Child, learn how to take a compliment, and how to connect with your inner self so you feel comfortable letting your Inner Unicorn come out!



Feel free to flip through and take a look at some sample pages from my journal here!

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