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Psychic Pet Reading for your Furbaby


I can talk to your pet and find out whatever it is you want to know – works for any animal, whether they’re in Spirit or still with you.

I need a photo of your animal ideally looking at the camera (but they’re fickle, I get it), their name and ideally if they live with other animals as trust me, when I start with one the others try to hijack so I need to be aware of the other members in the house so I make sure I’m getting just the one you’ve asked for!

You then get a 6-8 page reading usually of what your pet wants to say to you. Sometimes they give me random words, sometimes whole stories, ALWAYS their opinion on what YOU can do so be prepared if you come to me asking for their behaviour to change, that they will tell you what YOU need to do to help them.

References available and if you have any concerns about your pet’s health I advise you to always contact your vet.

If your pet is missing, I urge you to read this blog before you book your pet reading with me.


Mini readings also available for £20 – message me at 07427 050738 to book those please.


Additional information

Mini Reading

20 mins, 2-3 pages quick reading to get an overview for your pet.

Full reading

A 6-7 page in depth reading to really get to the root of any issues or concerns or to allow them to really go to town with what they need from you!

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