Spiritual Response Therapy Session


A 90 minute Spiritual Response Therapy Session to clear your past lives and anything from this life which is keeping you stuck “I feel like I’ve finally had permission to be myself since our clearing” said one person.


SRT is a spiritually based therapy but without getting too bogged down in either the Spirituality and quantum physics discussions, my belief is the we are energy and energy can change.

Within that, there really is a fundamental choice between love and fear. SRT gives you the opportunity to release fear and anchor the light and choose love to value yourself and life itself.

Your SRT session will take roughly 90 minutes in total.

During the session, we may discover things that seem unusual in the here and now to clear – the main thing to notice is what has changed as a result of the clearing. Are you for example less fearful and more loving? Are you more detached about the situation? Have you new insights about the situation?

When I’m working, I can serve you best by continuing the clearing uninterrupted in a quiet space and giving you feedback as it arises and certainly at the end of the clearing session when I can deliver a bigger picture overview for you with recommendations on how to support yourself going forward. However if you feel the need to immediately share something with me or catch my attention you’re most welcome and I understand that, but I tend to find that if we discuss each step as we go along, the sessions can be prolonged and more tiring than needed, and I want to ensure I give you the best quality of work.

To use the computing analogy, you’ve got files in your mind that will be printing out just like on the computer Some of the files are coming from the conscious mind awareness which you have a more capacity to regulate, but more often, with fear based programmes they come from the unconscious mind.

As a result of an SRT clearing, it is possible to therefore identify and clear unconscious files that are READY to be cleared and to support you in moving forward in new life choices and to really be here in the NOW.

The most common result observed by clients as they are receiving the clearing, is that they become quieter or even drowsy/tired or common as well, notice nothing during the session itself. It’s the results of the clearing and the mindset you take forward after it that can have a big impact. For example you may notice over the following days to months that your response to a particular person or situation has changed as we have cleared out the old files.

The clearing will work always to the level that is right for your current state of being, meaning you may also need to do further self work and be willing to establish a certain discipline within your daily life.

The practitioner cannot take responsibility for how you think day to day and as there is the possibility of creating new files based on the old habits of thinking, I do ask that you take responsibility to manage that.

* For example, you can refer to the clearings carried out during your session in the PAST tense.

* You can also tap your wrist and say “stop, cancel, delete” to distract your mind from any negative thought pattern.

* Thirdly I recommend changing your physical position and go into a different environment as it breaks eh line of thought.

* You can ask Spirit, HS or God, to please step in and move you out of that energy.

If you notice a pattern continuing, it suggests that like the layers of an onion then there is another or further layers of the issue to be cleared, as part of your healing journey. Sometimes we need to clear the surface to see what’s underneath, and SRT or other modalities can be used to help clear the entire program over time.

I will give you a brief summary of what’s been cleared but not lists of old negative energies because it’s not helpful and we want to get your conscious mind to focus on the positives and to help uphold and cement the clearing work which has been carried out for you.

Please be mindful when discussing your session with anyone that any negative energies stated will have been cleared and to support your own healing journey, you will need to “get out of the mud” and make sure you use the positive elements we uncovered as your focus.

I offer creative coaching sessions using journalling, artwork, creativity sessions to help support your forward journey and help you anchor positivity moving forwards.

If you would like to be part of a group support programme, I also run a BackToLove Sisterhood group which meets online every Thursday evening to work through various confidence building and spiritual development exercises to help you feel like a Warrior Goddess!


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