Relasing Guilt Visulisation

You are holding on your back a big sack of bricks.

You are going to be putting that bag of bricks down. You’re used to it, it’s a familiar burden, you’re wondering what the hell you’ll do with your time and energy when it’s all gone.

So let’s just start brick by brick. Now at first it may feel like you’re dropping the lot at your feet, that’s the healing process essentially. You have to put them down (write them down) and see them as a mess in order to make something more structured and even beautiful from them.

Take that first guilty story brick and feel yourself placing it down in a sacred bit of Earth. You know it’s right as you see sunlight shining right at the perfect spot. As you gently place the brick down, Mother Nature reaches up, takes the brick and holds it firm. You see her clear the dirt off it, she holds it firmly and makes sure it’s now there to be covered with light from the sun. You see the brick sparkle, and breathe a sigh of relief as the energy clears from that memory.

This is the foundation stone for the most glorious summerhouse you can sit under, with tunnels so you can choose the direction to enter and exit. You feel the excitement of a child in a maze for the first time. There are no doors, it’s all open and this is your safe place.

You feel safe and happy here, because you know the light is all because of you. The structure is your story, it’s your past and it’s beautifully yours.

Wander through your new creation and as you do so you let your hands drift out to the side, your fingertips brushing some of those bricks lightly as you go, and you feel a sense of satisfaction. “hmmm” you say to yourself as you realise what you have created from all those experiences. You open your eyes again, noticing how some bricks looks lighter than the others and how some are smoother, whilst others are crumbled a little or darker. And you know that’s absolutely ok, because each thing you’ve been though has been entirely unique.

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