Self Care Dos and Dont’s

We all know what makes us feel good, but it’s easy to forget that when we let these things slide, our confidence gets knocked. So here are some amazing Dos and Don’ts to help you as a little reminder.

Don’t feel there’s no hope INSTEAD Stay Positive – this means to not judge your entire day on one thing that happens. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems (that’s just your fear taking over and I have journals to help you work through that).

Don’t be unkind to yourself INSTEAD Allow Self-care time – even a quiet cuppa or a shower can feel like a luxury when we’re busy. and watch how you talk to yourself too. You’re more amazing than you give yourself credit for. If you need help realising how awesome you really are then get my Embrace Your Inner Unicorn Journal

Don’t Struggle Alone INSTEAD Ask for help – despite appearances we’re not all keeping our shit together and we’re not all happy all the time. Reach out to people, it’ll help. If you want more ideas on how to improve and enlarge your connections with others then my ABC Steps to Improve your Relationships journal will help.

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