Grounding Exercise

Each day I invite you to start with a grounding and breathing exercise. You may have one you use now, but if not then please watch the video, or read this as it will soon become second nature.

Get comfortable and as you relax, imagine that you have the most beautiful roots coming from your feet. They push down, through all the layers of the earth, past underground streams, through all rock and earth and down into a crystal chamber.

Your roots start to move towards a large, solid crystal and wrap right around it, anchoring on tightly. You feel the crystal hug your roots right back as it sends healing energy up through your roots, into your legs and all the way up your body and into your heart.

You feel such a sense of calm as a golden light starts to expand from your heart, reaching further and further out into the Universe, connecting you with ALL THAT IS. You pulsate the energy, feeling it like warm lemonade as it sparkles around you making you feel safe and loved.

You are safe. You are loved.

Bring that energy back into your heart centre and know that you are surrounded by the most amazing healing bubble of light. It’s a shield. it keeps all things you want to keep in, it lets all things you want to let go of out, and it keeps you safe at all times whilst doing this work.

Feel it then when you are ready, open your eyes and begin with your activity for today.

MP3 of Grounding Exercise for you

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