Invisible Heart Strings

Did you know that every time you think of someone you’d send a little ripple of energy to them?

Our souls are connected by these invisible strings. Some are good, some get sticky and from time to time need to be cut and trasmuted into light by whatever means you need to. I like a visualisation with Archangel Michael who helps take the sludge and just turns it into amazing energy and honestly, watch your relationship with other people change!

If someone is feeling bad, you thinking of them really can help them turn around, and they don’t even know it (ok well some do, but most don’t). Your good vibes or just a thought is enough to tug on their invisible string and let them know they’re not alone. It’s so powerful.

So know that those thoughts tug on an invisible heart string. ❤ This is especially true if this person feels a part of your tribe (I explore what this is and how to grow it in my Awareness, Boundaries and Confidence Journal) because they’re the people we can be 100% ourselves with.

I’ve had it happen when I’ve been at my wits end and a friend calls me. If I’m too far gone I don’t answer but seeing them call is enough to bring me back to the present.

The reason this happens? We are all connected and it’s the soul connection we have which is tugged on.

Trust it.

Try to feel it and play with it today!

It’s a great way of explaining loss to kids too, or separation and there are some books on it for kids too.

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