Emotions and Money are meant to flow

Emotions and Money are two things that are meant to flow. I mean it.

Years ago when I was gripped by fear, if I had no money I would freak out, my friend would say “have you got enough for today?” and the answer was invariably yes. I would worry when money came in that I would spend it. I would worry when it wasn’t there that it wouldn’t come in.

Then a therapist (thanks Brad Simkins) helped me with a visualisation where the money is a lake and there are lots of tiny tribulates which would fill it up. That I could fly above and see them all trickling in. And that helped too. I like that analogy now, it works fo me very well. And it’s true, it DOES trickle in and when I accept this it feels really positive.

I had a big fear of the idea of giving uo worldly goods and living in a caravan and actually those stories of people who had done it scared me to death in case that was ever my future. But I see now that was just conditioning and how I was raised to believe that this would be seen as a failure. I am not blaming anyone for that, it was just how it was. But now I get it. Those people just felt they didn’t need the stuff, and they fancied the freedom. They’d got in touch with their emotions, trusted themselves and were ok with where they were at.

But emotions, they’re what make us human.

We do have times where we’re up or down, but fear is something else. It’s a tyrant. And it is possible to live a life where there is very little or significantly REDUCED FEAR by learning how to view the flow of energy and how to handle fear when it comes knocking.

When you know how to handle it, and how it affects you, you can relax and feel better able to cope with life in general.

I don’t want anyone to feel like I did and that’s why I’ve written my From Fear Back To Love in 7 Steps book. To help you work through this stuff yourself, to heal, to change, to love.

Learn how to conquer your fear with my journal FROM FEAR BACK TO LOVE, and feel happier trusting that money and emotions are meant to flow.

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