BackToLove Courses

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Here’s the range of courses you can do with Neen.  Decide which package is right for you and sign up, and your subscription will be complete and renews every 4 weeks. You’ll then be sent an email with all the info you need to join the groups, and buy your journals.

Coming September 2023 – we start working through the “Embrace Your Inner Unicorn Journal” and 10% of all sales for that go to the Healing Hooves centre in Australia (a friend runs it and her pony was the model for the cover!)

Some Love: self-directed journal work with pre-recorded videos to help you

Journaling sometimes feels best done at your own speed. I’ve written each and every one of my journals so you feel like I’m in the room with you, and with this course I will be…virtually.

You get to access my pre-recorded videos where I help you work through the journal and you can watch them at your own pace, so if you have a day you feel inspired to crack through a few sections, you can. Or if you need a break to assimilate and take what you’ve learned forward, you can do that too.

You will get access to a Facebook group with other members so you can discuss things as you work through them, and Neen will be in there to help too from time to time.

You’re not alone. The journals are not just empty space, they’re guided, intuitive, and all designed to help you feel more like the best version of you FOR you, that you can be. I want you to feel like an amazing Warrior Goddess and I’ve seen people change before my eyes in this process. It’s a great way to make sure you commit to your own self-care, so sign up today to start the ball rolling.

More Love – Live Weekly Back To Love Journaling for Confidence Group

An amazing weekly support group

Feel supported and work through your journals with an awesome group.

The sections I’ll cover include:

  • How to take a compliment
  • how to work with your Spirit Guide
  • how to build your soul tribe
  • handling overwhelm
  • How to raise your awareness of your part in relationships
  • releasing guilt
  • shining bright whatever that means to you
  • learning to say no to others and boundary setting
  • how to find out what makes you special so you can take it forward
  • your future
  • mantras
  • managing fear
  • who are you? What do you want and how do you get it?
  • And much more!

We work through all the content in my journals and more as a group, in a loving and supportive environment.

It is all geared around helping you really embrace your inner Warrior Goddess. The sessions will be live, and recorded and take you through the self-healing process with love, expert coaching by Neen to help you step forward with confidence, and all in a supportive group so you’re not doing it alone. Everyone is equal in these groups.

Practical Details
We have a private Facebook group meet on Zoom every week to go through a journal section. All sessions are recorded for you to watch and re-watch at any time.

A heads up you need to commit to 8 weeks (2 months) to work through the journal sections.

Full Love – The Live Confidence Journaling Group, plus 121 time with Neen

This is the package for those of you who really want to heal your stuff and move forward.

In addition to the live weekly group where we work through the journal exercises, Neen will also give you 90 minutes of 121 coachingor Spiritual Response Therapy (clearing patterns and past lives energetically, without needing to deep dive into your emotions) or whatever method we agree feels right for you. And that’s EVERY MONTH!

Neen will also record you 4 personalised guided meditations a year to help you to relax and unwind and get even more out of your time working with the Back To Love journals. Each meditation will be bespoke for you, to help you heal whatever you need help with and have helped people see and feel their connection to Source for the first time, start opening up to hear their Spirit Guides or just reconnect with themselves and feel more confident. Neen will make sure what you need is what you get.

Madly In Love

This package is for people who really want to accelerate their healing with weekly coaching or Spiritual Response Therapy sessions, PLUS Neen will record you a personalised guided meditation EVERY MONTH!