Why you should tell someone your dreams (and listen to theirs)

Normally you wait to get to know someone before you tell them your dreams, but recently on a course with the Moray Wellbeing Hub I was tasked with a peer exercise to tell someone my dreams, something I’ve always wanted to do and then to have them recall what I’d said and tell the rest of the group my dreams. I did the same with them. so what did I learn?

Well firstly, when you hear people share their dreams it reminds you that anything is possible.

You can see other people light up when they talk about their passions and you realise this is what you must do too when you talk about yours.  I felt excited for them, really seeing what they want to achieve and watching them light up is amazing, it makes you feel a part of something too, and trusted. 

So not only do THEY feel good, but you get the warm and fuzzy feelings too.

NOW TELL THEM YOUR DREAM and ask them to recount it for you.

What? why?

well, hearing other people talk about YOUR dreams and recount them to you makes them feel very tangible, achievable and real and in a peer to peer setting we could all see how actually, we’re already well on the way to living our dreams, because of the work we’re choosing to do. 

The natural response of anyone who is caring and into supporting others is to encourage others.

Let them see what you’re already doing because they may say “you’re already doing xyz towards that” and that feels absolutely flipping amazing.

Sharing your dreams ands doing this exercise enables us to share our experiences if we’ve been through it and managed to come out the other side to share our experiences and further encourage one another that it’s entirely possible. This empowers people further. So DO IT and TRY it.

It also puts in your order to the Universe – it cannot help you if it doesn’t know what you want…or at least vaguely where you want to go.

If you haven’t a clue where to start, join my BackToLove live group, we meet every Thursday and we will be covering this and SO many other amazing healing topics, and it’s such an amazing supportive group.

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