Why do you feel like you never succeed?

Do you feel like it’s hard to get to your dream and that you’re always chasing it? Never sure how you’ll ever succeed and get there.

The thing is dreams change as you achieve some things along the way.

You move your own goalposts unconsciously.

Simply what you want changes as you grow.

So what seems like an endless strive for perfection is actually what we are meant to do. Without it, there’s no growth.

Usually there comes a point of surrender to be nudged in a different direction for a bit, because we believe OUR way is the only way to get our dream, and that’s because we want it so badly.

This is why you sometimes hear people saying “this or something better” when they are doing manifesting work.

I have changed this slightly in my own work to be “whatever is right for my highest good”. I like this over “this or something better” because it’s telling the Angels, the Universe that I trust it’s got my back.

The other one is putting restrictions on it… it’s judging by your own standards what something better is. It’s not by the Universe’s standard. Which trust me, is much higher than yours and full of endless possibilities.

You may think you know what you need but it’s based on your own prejudices of what you believe you CAN have or achieve. Whereas by asking for whatever is for your highest good you’re telling the Universe that you’re genuinely open to change and possibilities.

So try changing this today and remove any limitations.

Instead “whatever is for my highest good”

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