Why do I run groups? Sisterhood groups, confidence groups… because I’m selfish and I like how it makes me feel…well that and…

I know I can guide people on moving from WORRIER to WARRIOR through sharing my own experiences, as well as encouraging people to find their inner confidence.

I love connecting people.

I don’t want anyone to feel isolated in opening up and exploring their uniqueness.

Everyone has mental health. It’s just health of the mind. Sometimes we’re sick, sometimes we’re well, sometimes an element of us hurts (like a sore finger).

We need to end the stigma of asking for support. So join a group and accept it’s a given. The support is there for you.

In the past, I have struggled and felt alone and now I don’t. I know I add to the group I run, and they add to me more than they know. So you get to make me feel better too if you join.

I see the entire team thriving, but being honest about how they feel. I feel supported, loved and accepted for being me.

How cool is all of that?

Time for you to join me, pay every week at £6 or £24 for a month and watch it change your life.

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