What is rejection and how to cope with it

Recently I’ve had a few experiences where I could say I’ve felt rejected.

And bugger me that’s a massive minefield of complex 💩 to unlock… look here’s what I mean… and yes I want to empower you but I want you to see what I went through… because I know when I share the truth of my processing of stuff, it helps most.

So what is rejection?

It’s feeling unloved, ❤️‍🩹 unimportant, less than… and is always based on some kind of relationship.

We say we feel rejected by someone…

We could be positive and say if we are truly confident then we can’t feel rejected because we know how awesome we are…

Ok… maybe a bit… but what about the sadness? The feeling that you get? 😔😢

If it’s not sadness and you truly think you’re 100% awesome then you’ll possibly be bloody angry instead. 🤬😤😡😖

I know I go all typical cancerian with my claws out when this happens. 🦀

Is it the realisation that you’re not thought of as highly as you hoped?

Does that – yeah let’s call it a realisation – make you feel like you can’t trust your own judgment?

Is it you’ve let yourself down in your own eyes? Been less than… done wrong? Feel like you’ve f*cked up?

Then, the other part of the Cancerian in me wants to hide in my shell 🐚 and sod the world… 🌍

Then you’ll tell friends 💬 to get them to validate your feelings of sadness, anger… projecting that stuff, amplifying it:

there then may even be guilt, and as a spiritual person 😇 you might feel like you’ve done wrong again and perpetuated the situation 🙈 but in reality you probably just feel like actually you were asking for a reality check by sharing it with other people.

And a confidence boost, reassurance that you’re worthy of the attention or love you deserve. 😘😍🥰💕

These people are your tribe: 🙌 they help you to feel strong and to feel like you’re loved.

They are your support network and help you navigate how to set boundaries so you don’t suffer rejection.

And it’s this kind of stuff that inspired me to create my journal Awareness, Boundaries and Confidence- 7 Steps to Better Relationships because I’ve done so much flipping navel gazing and got so much help and support from some amazing people that I wanted to share it with you. https://backtolove.life/product/awareness-boundaries-confidence/

Everyone is worthy of love. If you feel rejected it’s not you, I promise it’s not.

It’s circumstance.

It is the other person being in a bad place, and you never know why or what sh*t they’re going through and perhaps it’s a lack of connection that you may not be able to ever bridge.

Maybe you just don’t get each other.

But remember that tribe that DO know and support you. (And in my journals and groups I take you through how to build that).

But it’s not your fault.

Share this please because others need it.

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