Things are going to be ok

Better than ok. Brilliant, wonderful. Wanna know why? Because you’re reading this and taking accountability for your life.

You’re doing exactly what’s needed right now… taking on information and planning.

There’s new things on the horizon

I have been through the most intense healing period of my life, right before I was running workshops and right before I had to be in front of people and leading women in an amazing sisterhood group I run. you can join it here

And I did it. It forced me to realise that I am so much more than my circumstances and I had to push through and just hope I got to that stage where I felt strong again. I managed this, I’m starting to feel like me again, but also planning lots more for the future.

And my old tendencies of impatience are spreading again… they want me to do everything now… but now is the time for plans. I have to remind myself that things have to have a firm foundation before I can build on them.

I must manage my own expectations and ensure what I do is honed completely. Why? Because I owe it to myself to pace myself. And to not act out of panic or need.

I have to tidy my physical work space. I have to manage my own thoughts about letting go of what I don’t love. I have to… but do I?

Do I have to?

Is HAVE to another pressure word? Another way for me to beat myself up? Yes. Yes it is.

But I feel something driving me foreword, if it’s impatience then the “have to” feels stressful: if it’s not that but something more primal, a need to move forward with these things because they’re my soul purpose and there’s no escaping them, well then maybe that’s different.

But even that feels negative doesn’t it? No escape… I mean it in the way that some things are inevitable.

And when we get close to fulfilling our life purpose that’s part of the whole thing that we are drawn to do stuff and also want to do stuff too.

If it’s not an exciting prospect then it’s likely not in line with your soul purpose. But don’t let your initial reaction be all that there is. I have taken on a role I thought would be a bit weird for me at first but then I was reminded that I used to love the kind of work I’m doing. I was a lot younger and didn’t have the aches and pains I have now but I loved interacting with people and I can love it again. I will love it again. I love me and I love my ability to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It drives me forward. It keeps me balanced whilst I explore my creativity and all that I love.

Things are looking up for me, I hope you start to see things looking up for you too!

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