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Knowing Your Fear Profile Can Help you Get rid of Fear FOREVER

Did you know we all have a few profile?

Well, we do.

What is A Fear Profile?

It’s a diagram which shows how we approach, and are affected by fear every single day. It’s a visual representation of what’s in your head and how you feel about fear.

What does knowing my Fear Profile do for me?

When you understand your fear profile, you have. visual reference point to think about which helps you to reframe it and change it. When you’ve seen what your current fear profile is, you can learn to change it.

How do I find out what my Fear Profile is?

Join Neen Forder (that’s me) on my Fear Free in ’23 challenge where we work through my From Fear Back To Love Journal and go through understanding fear, managing fear so you don’t get that awful put of the stomach gripping anymore.

If you don’t believe this is possible, think again. Read my story here and you’ll understand how this can be done.