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When You’re Present You See SO MUCH More

This new moon in Aries is all about STOPPING AND PLANNING. You see the thing is if you’re so busy DOing and not BEing you’ll miss things. Take yesterday as an example, I went for a walk with my little Aragorn (superstar kid not biased at all) and he wanted to change direction. As I turned around I saw an amazing fluffy white feather and picked it up, told him it was from his angel and popped it in his pocket.

It either wasn’t there before or I didn’t notice as we were walking looking at the mountain.

And that’s about how life is. You have to stop long enough to allow yourself to SEE the options available to you.

So if you’re in a job which sucks your energy, working all the hours god sends, you’re not going to see a way out or other options as you’re not leaving ANY quiet space. And that’s really all being present is about – just stopping long enough to allow your brain to catch up with everything, to allow yourself the time to tune into your soul and you heart’s desires and to relax enough to see that there ARE other things you can do with your time and energy.

My weekly gathering online gives everyone the space to find time for themselves, even people who have said “I can’t I’ve got so much to do, I am so maxed out with work and crap I don’t have the time for me or anyone else I love…” attend one class then say “I HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR THIS IT FUELS MY SOUL!” so join us. It’s an aweseom Sisterhood.