Self-Care Tips for feeling more confident

I’ve spent years helping people be confident, and my self-care journals go into a lot of detail about how to actually execute these self-care tips, but I wanted to share these with you as a reminder on this lovely Sunday to really relax, focus on you and give yourself the time. 

Imagine if you could say “no” and preserve your energy without feeling crappy and guilty. you can, it takes work and understanding from the people around you intiially as well, and expect things (relationships) to change but it teaches you to put yourself first.  

Breathing – I’ve been reading and watching a lot of material on breathing techniques and I recommed Daniel Coates Suntara for his breathing and sound healing videos, even if you don’t think you have the time, put them on in the background.

Creating Boundaries – this one takes some time, but you can start smaller and with things that are comfortble for you. If you want more help on this I have created a journal to help specifially with how you interact with other people and to help you feel stronger in relationships no matter who it’s with. That’s here https://lnkd.in/e7WH-9AD

Feel Your Emotions – when I lost someone I loved, the BEST bit of advice I got given was “don’t be ashamed of feeling anger, it’s ok to feel cross, feel whatever you need to feel, you’re safe with me”. – it’s often ourselves we need to say this too right?

Don’t struggle alone, reach out to me if you want some help. Always happy to talk. 

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