Fear Free in ‘23 – a BackToLove Challenge

£20.00 / month for 3 months


If you’re fed up of fear gripping you every day, stopping you from feeling happy, making you feel less than and not good enough… then this course will be perfect for you.

It’s an 8 week course with me, Neen Forder and we will work through my From Fear Back To Love Journal so you can learn the life changing things I had come to me intuitively and through various therapies on my own healing journey.  We start on 2nd March to set up, and then meet weekly.

After years of living in fear, being bullied at work and a slave to debt I got a taste for the Warrior Goddess energy as I birthed my son.  Having felt it for myself once, I knew that my life had to revolve around helping other women conquer their fears and feel like a Warrior Goddess too, whatever it was they were birthing in THEIR life.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of women and launched my own online programmes, courses and guided self-care journals to help women overcome their fears; from speaking out at work, or leaving abusive partners, to reducing anxiety around money, changing jobs or simply trusting that the Universe has got their back. 

Now more than ever we are surrounded by slogans like “it’s ok to not be ok” but finding things to help you enact real, lasting, and positive change feels like adding to an already overwhelming situation a lot of us find ourselves in.

How great would it feel if instead of dreading each day, worrying that you’re worrying, or that you’ve not been worrying enough… yeah I know you feel it… what if you could rephrase all that and be happy REGARDLESS of what’s going on around you?

Sign up now and I’ll get:

1) Your welcome pack containing your goody box and Journal will be sent ready for you before we kick off on 2nd March.

2) Instant access to private Facebook group.

3) The first payment of £20 will go today, and then another £20 a month later, and then the remainder the month after that on the same date. That’s it, simple.

I can’t wait to take you through this!



refunds are not provided, and by signing up you agree to pay £20 a month for 3 months.


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