Animal Communication Workshop 24th March 2024


21st January 2024 11am-4pm

Learn how to Psychically communicate with your pet!

Ever wondered what your pet REALLY thinks of you?

Would they like a new friend to play with?

Do they think the new sofa is hideous? – yeah, probably 

What do they think of the new baby?

Who is the soft touch in your house?

Bring photos of your pets, we will all work together to talk to & understand them, ask those questions you have, and learn what you can do to make them happier!  Any questions – call me on 07427 050738


This is a unique day workshop to learn how to talk to your pets!

It’s in a gorgeous venue in Elgin, and throughout the day you’ll learn how to psychically tune into your pets, how to tell them when you’re expecting changes, how to help them when they seem stroppy or start exhibiting behavioural issues which aren’t solved by a visit to the vet.

You’ll learn:

To connect to animals psychically

How YOU see, sense or hear messages.

The importance of trusting what you do “get” or “hear”

How much our pets really see and know

How to do readings for other people (and their furbabies)

Disclaimer: by booking this course you accept full responsibility for your practice afterwards, and will use common sense and always seek veterinary advice with any concerns about your pet. Neen cannot be held liable for any changes to your life as a result of opening the doors of communication with your furbabies and the attitude and cheekiness they will bring to your life thereafter!

If you want to pay the £30 deposit, please contact me to arrange the payments message or call me on 07427 050738.

The deposit is non-refundable unless I have to cancel the course for unexpected reasons. If you need to cancel then your payment will go towards any future events or readings.