Motivation Routine

Stuck in a rut? Feeling low and crappy? Here’s what you can do to help you FOR GOOD to overcome all that. But you need to dedicate some time, and effort and energy. There are rarely quick fixes and if you need help in achieving ANY of the below tips, I can help you. I pride myself on the work I do with women to help them reframe the crap they’ve had to deal with and the way they think about the world.

So how?

Don’t worry what others think: Build your confidence

Get Tools to help you feel fearless: Like this one or my subscription for £4.99 where I guide you through the sections in the journals over time. ALL of self confidence is down to how you respond to things and view them. If you learn the skills and techniques to manage your fears, your interactions with others etc, then you’ll be able to just step forward with a LOT more confidence.

Learn to be yourself: Well, yes. Again, like above with confidence. As your confidence grows, you know yourself more, as you know yourself more, your confidence grows further. As this happens, you learn how to interact with others and show this new confidence.

Monitor your progress: A self-care journal keeps you accountable, it gives you ratings before and after the exercises so you know what you have done, how far you’ve come, in addition to feeling better! This will give you such a boost to look back on in years to come.

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