How to stop feeling guilty

Recently I felt so guilty for something which happened in my family – if you don’t know it then it’s here.

I chose at that time to work through my journal and show you what happens when you tackle your guilt, with amazing exercises to put that bag of guilt down and a lovely guided visualisation that you can in fact build what you need from those bricks. Here’s my journaling notes from working through the guilt section recently. I hope it inspires those of you who are working through guilt and thanks for the private messages – you know who you are, it’s amazing to see you flourish.

I am so much more than this one tiny brick. I’d like to think I run out of bricks before I build my romantic castle because I want to release the guilt. I blipped, I made a mistake. I am not 100% responsible for what happened in my past. I was there but there are always 3 sides t o every story – theirs, mine and the truth. By allowing that thought in, I can accept that I am not evil, I am not a horrible person, a monster, scum.

I am me in all my rawness, all my vulnerabilities and with love at my core. I am amazing, I am whole, I am human and I am learning and trying hard.

I have been forgiven, I want to and I am forgiving myself. I am a lovely person and my intentions are good. I love you Neen and I forgive you ❤

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