How to get rid of FEAR easily

Now don’t freak out. Instantly feel freaked out? That’s how fear works. A sneaky ear worm here, a persistent nag there, a conditioned bit of poison over there… I get it, fear is toxic, contagious and invasive. But it doesn’t have to be.

If fear is your initial reaction then you’ve gone into overwhelm – you can read about how to tackle that here, and I’ll be taking you through it in my Fear Free in ’23 course…this blog is all about how you can manage fear so it fact feels like you’ve removed it with a super simple technique.

You see fear is a natural psychological response we are all conditioned with for good reasons – you know the old fight or flight SHIT THERE IS A TIGER CHASING ME… but today’s tiger is our conditioning, our fears about paying bills, about getting work, about fitting in… and whilst there’s no tiger, that adrenalin sure feels like there is doesn’t it?

Know that it’s normal for your brain to try to trip you up when it comes to fear. And find ways to love it, and to forgive it. It’s a busy brain doing a shedload more than you give it credit for, so sometimes it needs a bit of TLC to help you to bring it into the top tier of importance in your life. Sometimes, it’s so busy doing stuff that it needs the part of you that’s aware of it to remind it that it’s amazing.

Throughout my journal From Fear Back To Love and the challenge Fear Free in ’23 we go through how to do this in depth. Once we tackle the overwhelm, we move onto looking at Mantras – what they are, why they matter, how to find yours and then implementing using it.

A mantra is a subtle but effective way of training your brain. it takes a bit of conscious work but when you start to implement it you will notice your default reaction to situations is in fact more positive, more curious, more problem solve mode than freak out mode.


A mantra says to your brain:

A Mantra is something which is best explained to you in person and finding the right one requires you to look at a few different things to really make sure you get the one which clicks for you. Are you gonna join me in helping find yours and see how it starts your journey to getting rid of fear once and for all?

Come on then, sign up here and you’ll get your goody box and journal in the post before we kick off the live challenge calls.