How can talking to Angels reduce fear and anxiety?

If you’re experiencing fear, you’re not feeling in control.

You’re probably feeling like you’re already doing everything you can and can’t influence things further. So why not ask for help from whatever IS out there to help you step in?

At least you’ll know you’ve asked for help.

If you don’t believe in Angels or Spirit┬áthen you won’t lose anything by doing this, and if there’s no change as a result, you won’t be surprised. But if you’re open to try it and open to being…well, open, then you can benefit remarkably.

This may feel weird for you, depending on how au fait you are with Angels and working with them. But I’m sharing these ideas because they all helped me and in my journals and courses I teach you how to do it and get the most of it.

  1. Pull some Oracle Cards (I like Collette Baron Reid) but there are lots of online and hard copy cards out there. Think of a question or something you want help with, close your eyes and select your card – your intuition will do the work. Or simply ask for whatever message you’re meant to receive right now.
  2. Write to your Angels. I talk you through how to do this in my From Fear Back To Love Journal and will be taking you through, step by step in my Fear Free in ’23 Challenge. here I teach you how to ask questions and how to trust what comes back to you so you don’t think it’s all just in your head.
  3. Sit quietly and ask them to help you and just see what you feel or think about as it’s often an answer, you just need to learn to trust yourself. My Rockstar Angel book is packed with ideas and things you can do to talk to your angels.
  4. Meditate. I love Jacky Newcombe’s meditations, that’s how I started communicating with mine. A guided meditation is a great way to relax if nothing else.
  5. Join Facebook groups to see what happens with other people. I love The Community Of Divine Love.
  6. Go to a local or online Spiritual church or Circle gathering. There you’ll learn a range of psychic development skills.

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