Do you need clarity in your life?

We all have moments where we wonder what the hell is happening with our lives. It’s a part of how we grow and evolve and start to follow our dreams.

Throughout my career I have helped people to find their USPs, their things about them which make them unique. It started with my Psychology degree which drove me to want to understand what makes people tick. I then took my experience from my Telemarketing career, where I would look at at the information about what you do, and turn it into attractive features to talk about. I trained other people to do their own cold calling, get comfortable in speaking about themselves in a sales capacity, but realistically it was always just helping people feel confident about themselves, find their unique way of communicating and encouraging them to feel excited about their life and supported.

The natural progression for me was to harness all this work and produce a range of guided self-care journals to help people with moving from fear, to improve relationships and to boost their confidence so they can mindfully be the very best version of themselves with true authenticity.

In a business capacity, I now do a wide range of things which I love:

Confidence Courses and Workshops

Cold Calling Training

Telemarketing Campaign planning (over 20 years in this)

Teaching people how to use Canva

Designing journals, workbooks and books and getting them published for other people

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